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Boundary Way • Penn • Wolverhampton • West Midlands • WV4 4NT Telephone: 01902 558640 • Fax: 01902 558641 • email: Head Teacher: Ms L Thackaberry
Sainsbury's School Games 2014/15 Bronze Award
Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2018/19 In 2018/19, Penn Fields School will receive £9,000 to support pupils who did not reach the national average in Literacy or Numeracy. Penn Fields is a school for pupils with complex cognitive needs and as a result, this means all Year 7 pupils attract this funding. The school uses this grant to support:- Year 7 pupils by ensuring those not making expected progress in Literacy and Numeracy receive small group intervention sessions; one pupil in Year 7 to receive play therapy; one pupil in Year 7 to be mentored; four pupils in a Nurture group throughout the year. Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2017/18 In this academic year, Penn Fields School has eighteen eligible pupils and the school received £9000. Penn Fields School is using the funding as follows: Purchase of specialist resources which are age appropriate to promote learning priorities for cognition and communication for learners Funding of Year 7 residential camp – to support independence and resilience Supporting Year 7 pupils in a range of interventions including literacy – 1:1 reading and numeracy, Cool Kids etc Updating library books in upper school library to stimulate topics year 7 pupils are interested in to stimulate their interest in reading Purchase of Numicon resources to support numeracy skills The Impact of the Additional Funding Pupils were all base-lined at the start of year 7 and appropriate targets were set then progress was monitored using our assessment system SeeSaw and also through book trawls. Subject leaders and the Deputy Head Teacher monitored data to ensure pupils were on track and reached expected levels of progress. Data from interventions showed that the support put in had a positive impact on pupil progress. The purchase of new library books and a revamp of the library area made the library a far more attractive place to visit. It has been used far more this year and the new library books purchased have proved to be a welcome addition to the library. The purchase of additional Numicon resources has supported year 7 pupils’ numeracy skills. It also aids a multi-sensory approach to mathematical learning and has been shown to support the visual learning style of many of our pupils. Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2016/17 In this academic year, Penn Fields School had eleven eligible pupils and the school received £5,500. Penn Fields School used the funding as follows: Further resources purchased for Numicon including baseboards and Numicon shapes. This includes all teachers having manuals and equipment for number pattern, algebra and geometry - £298.00 Numicon training for two new members of staff - £600.00 Purchase of HeadStart tests, end-of-year tests to replace the numeracy progress tests - £350.00 Numeracy interventions with individual or small group work supported by a trained classroom assistant - £1395.00 Purchase of new library books to cover year 7 topics for all areas of the curriculum - £1175.00 Purchase of reading books to stimulate the interests of male pupils - £285.00 Reading interventions supported by a trained classroom assistant - £1395.00 Phonics intervention materials - £375.00 The Impact of the Additional Funding Rigorous analysis of Year 7 pupils’ progress data enabled staff to identify the barriers pupils were experiencing and focus funding to those specific areas of difficultly. The resulting impact was regularly monitored and reviewed. Pupils were base-lined in September 2016 and progress measured on the school’s SeeSaw assessment system throughout the year. As a direct result of this funding nine pupils in this year group made expected or better than expected progress towards improving standards of literacy and numeracy attainment and a further two pupils met their ‘base’ target. Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2015/16 The Government allocated £500 for each pupil who did not achieve at least Level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. In 2015-16 Penn Fields School had twenty pupils in year 7 and of these, one pupil achieved Level 4 in English and exceeded Level 4 in Mathematics. Therefore nineteen pupils were eligible for Catch Up Premium resulting in a total grant of £9,500. Penn Fields School used the funding as follows: Conversion of the breakout area on the Key Stage 3 landing into a glass-fronted classroom. The timetable was then adjusted to provide a teacher to cover an additional group for literacy and numeracy. This reduced class sizes for both these curriculum areas from 15 pupils, with a teacher and support staff, to 12 pupils Additional Speech and Language sessions for individuals and small groups with trained support staff Integration for one pupil into mainstream education (Highfields School) for English lessons, supported by a member of our support staff Reading interventions – supported by a trained classroom assistant Numeracy interventions – supported by a trained classroom assistant The introduction of Numicon to assist with numeracy, which includes funding for staff training and the purchase of new equipment and resources The combination of interventions, staff enhancements and resources has exceeded funding and is justified by challenging pupils to make better than expected progress. The Impact of the Additional Funding All pupils achieved expected or better than expected progress in both English and Mathematics by the end of year 7. Teachers are very clear the reduction in class sizes for literacy and numeracy had a very beneficial impact.
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